Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sneak Preview: Paige at four months

I really want to post this sneak preview before I become a hermit and battle my flu. Paige's mom Gina had warned me she might be a fussy baby, but this beautiful little girl was everything but fussy! Well, except towards the end when mom and dad made her wear her pink bunny costume. But c'mon, could you blame her? Paige did a great job smiling, sitting patiently in baskets, and being just too darn cute!

More photos to come!

Paige 5 copy


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  2. how precious!!! it makes me want a niece all of a sudden, especially with all this baby talk... and your kids are going to have soo many cute pictures of themselves! haha I love her expression, such a model in the making :o) I don't know the proper photography terms, but I like the direct angle.

  3. too cute!!! Love the simplicity and softness of this picture. She is definitely adorable and her pink beanie is so styling!