Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sneak preview: Micah at three years old

Meet Micah. This kid is seriously a riot to be around! At the tender age of three he's already got a bag full of jokes and tricks and even some Bob Marley songs up his sleeve! I can't wait to edit his photos - he's absolutely beautiful!

Here's a sneak preview of Micah laughing. He met a few bikers whom he befriended, and they told him to add them on Facebook. This is Micah's reaction:

Micah collage 800


  1. I'm not sure what Micah is really going to be in life but so far we have been blessed to see a lot of traits in him. We have seen the musician, singer, dancer, actor,comedian, sportsman, artist, chef and many other things in him. He also claims to have lots of homework to do when he comes home from Pre School! Surely we're blessed. Micah is now Connie's friend! Johnonoh and Lisa.

  2. I love Micah! he's so cute! is he in that Bob Marley costume from work?