Thursday, October 22, 2009


Mark and I are currently restructuring my blog and I'm TOTALLY excited to launch it. I'm not sure when this will happen, but it will be done before Thanksgiving. Mark is no computer science buff, but he sure knows a lot about the technical aspects of this business than I do. I secretly look up acronyms he and his friends throw around so I look a fraction as smart as they do when we discuss tech news. Yea, they really do discuss tech for hours at a time during occasional dinners in the city. I'm not gonna lie, it's inspired me to be a lot more tech aware from which I realized is a deep love I never knew I had.

I'm quite blessed to have a husband who's so smart he doesn't even know it, loves me to death and makes sure he tells me every single day, AND on top of his consulting work someone who really wants to help me grow in my own career. Last night I had complained that his check list for my business was way too long and overwhelming and that I just needed more time to get these things done. Mark said it best when he responded, "That's why YOU are the master creator and I am the executer! We are going to make a great team!" I couldn't help but laugh because it's all so true. I dream up these big, colorful ideas, and Mark makes sure there is logic behind it and that it happens. How did I get so lucky? :-)

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  1. I love how you're in love :) ... and I love how he's my brother-in-law!