Monday, October 12, 2009

Half Moon Bay pumpkin patches with Corie

As we drive into the valleys of Half Moon Bay my cousin asks her two year old daughter, "Can you see all the pumpkins, Corie?" Corie's neck stretches as high as she possibly can and is barely able to see the stretch or bright orange pumpkins outside the car window. We soon pull into our first pumpkin patch, and we are all very excited to be here. Corie picks up on this energy and starts kicking her feet and covering her face with her tiny two hands whispering with excitement, "Punkins! Punkins! Punkins!" She's so overwhelmed with emotion that she doesn't know whether to grab her face, her ears, or the hat Uncle Mark puts on her head, so she tries to grab all of them at the same time. What a silly girl. :-)

Halloween is my cousin Ly's favorite "holiday." It's obvious this gene was passed on to her daughter Corie. How can you blame them? Halloween means carving pumpkins, it means lots and lots of candy, it means the beginning of Autumn (personally my favorite season), and best of all it means fun, colorful costumes! This year Corie is dressing up as a very ornate peacock, and she is so stoked! In fact, she gets so excited about her costume her parents have to hide it from her or else she'll want to put it on every time she sees it. Being the awesome parents they are, Ly and Lyle let Corie debut her peacock costume a little early this year at Farmer John's pumpkin patch. Not to brag or anything, but my niece is the cutest peacock in the entire universe. Seriously.

Here are some snapshots I got of our pumpkin patch adventure. Thanks, Ly and Lyle, for inviting us! Mark and I always have a blast hanging out with Townsends!

This is what Corie looked like when we arrived at the first pumpkin patch.


More excitement as she sees all her options.

excited 2


holding pumpkin

Corie couldn't resist the bounce house; but once inside she was too scared to stand and fall, so she just army-crawled her way through, every so often waving at us to let us know she's okay.

house 1

house wave

Daddy's little girl

house 2

What a beautiful family... I request a Corie #2, please! =P


carrying pumpkin

standing w/pumpkins

Corie and Uncle Mark - my, what a height difference.

Mark & Corie

And saving the best for last, Corie's peacock costume!

*on a post processing note, these came out a little over saturated but I decided to post them anyway because she's too darn cute not to

Peacock 2

Peacock 1


  1. I check your blog numerous time this morning to see if you posted anything from your weekend. hehe Omg... Corie is so precious and her peacock costume is too cute. My favorite photo from the bunch has to be the first one. You definitely captured her excitement. So candid! A priceless picture of her. oh.. I love the picture of her and her dad too. Two thimbs up.

  2. OH MY JESUS... this is the best shoot ever! I might be bias cause Corie bear is adorable.. but seriously, everything is picture PERFECT! I love all of them! this is a must show to the whole family cause it shows how cute Corie is and how great your photography is getting!

  3. OMG! That peacock costume is probably the same store I bought the turtle costume for Max. I couldn't decide on either the peacock or turtle. LOL! That lil girl is absolutely cute!!! Prettiest smile I've ever seen :)

  4. Yes - Corie seriously is the most photographic little girl. I am so lucky to be her auntie. :-)