Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Two peas in a pod

It's only been a couple weeks in marriage land, and people ask me if I feel different. You know, I actually do. I thought it would be like turning a year older where I feel like I haven't aged a day and it's not until you hear a throwback New Kids on the Block song and remember jammin' to it in your Jordan Knight pjs as a little girl when I actually feel "older."

No, marriage is a little different. You see, I was born with the ultra-strict-expect-me-to-become-a-doctor-marry-a-lawyer-and-then-get-married-and-have-Harvard-babies parents. Yea, that kind. So when I didn't become a doctor and got married (not to a lawyer) before I solidified my career it was pretty taboo and frowned upon. But because I married such a dapper young fellow who is intelligent and loves me without boundaries my parents actually support my marriage to Mark. Last night my mom asked me what I've been cooking for my husband, how often we do laundry, when we fight who sleeps on the couch? So you see, the questions have steered from "so, are you going to medical school, yet?" to "how are you doing?" It's quite the change for me, and marriage feels like I finally grew up.

I married my best friend and plan on growing old and wobbly with him. People ask what's my favorite part of being married so far, and I'd have to say it's dinner time. During dinner we watch Jeopardy together, and as Mark fires off all the answers I finally get ONE answer right and he says, "Good job, hon! You're so smart!" He's so sincere it cracks me up because c'mon, trivia is not my forté. No matter my strengths or weaknesses he's always been my #1 cheerleader. I'm happier than I've ever been and it's because of you, Mark. :-)

Our friend Gillian displays it best when she made us this "Two peas in a pod" couple:


Chrocheted by Gillian Chao

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  1. now that's one crisp photo! :) right when I saw the title, I knew it was gonna be this picture! happy marriage!