Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I dream of pretty pictures...

After months and months of planning for my wedding and taking much needed time off, I’m back to the daily grind of arguing with insurance reps. One phone call after another. It doesn’t change, so maybe I should. As I eagerly await my Canon 50D (arriving in 3 days, eek!) I spend most of my free time learning about photography, how to shoot manually, lightening, which lenses to use outdoors and portraits and sports, and plenty of time on Photoshop. It’s all so addicting that I find myself glued to my computer monitor all night only to fall asleep dreaming of photography and waking up thinking about photography!

I've never appreciated an art form more than photography, and to have the opportunity to capture these moments myself and turn it into my own art is so invigorating!

I want to blog my experience because it would be nice to look back even a few months from now to see how far along I’ve come if I’ve gone far at all in this industry. :-) Also, I love emoticons. Be ready.

And here is a photo of my husband and I in Peru... where I began to live like there's no tomorrow.


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