Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I just spent the last 10 minutes drafting today's post - it eventually turned into two huge paragraphs about me complaining about my rough day. It started sounding a little too whiney for my taste, so I highlighted all and pressed DELETE. Complaining has never gotten me anywhere in life. In fact, I believe it's contributed to many of my poorer decisions and hindered me from being proactive about a lot of things. So today I'll just be honest and tell you I'm stuck at words to say since I have nothing nice to say at all.

So here is a (weird looking) heart I "drew" for all my friends and family who keep me grounded and remind me there's so much more to this beautiful life than a bad job. They are always the reasons for my happiness. Well, them and shiny new lenses. I love you guys! :-)