Thursday, August 13, 2009

The best part of waking up... is coffee in my cup

It's 6:20am and I'm still lying in bed. My alarm has gone off twice, but since I'm the snooze queen I tell myself I'll get up the next time it goes off. Then 6:30 rolls around, and I hear this beautiful, angelic sound coming from the kitchen - our coffee grinder. I get excited. Yes, our coffee machine is programmed to grind those yummy organic Guatemalan coffee beans and brew them into a delicious hot pot of heaven every morning precisely at 6:30am. NOW I'm awake! I jump out of bed and rush to get ready for work. Did I forget to brush my hair? I can't remember. Mark's preparing my cup of jo, and I want to savor it before we rush out the door. I take my first sip, "mmmm..." It's so bloody good I wonder if God created coffee just for people who stay up in the wee hours of the night only to wake up a couple hours later at the dawn of sunrise. People like me. :-)

Just the other day I made my way to the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market and come across one of the Bay Area's most relished coffee companies Blue Bottle Coffee Co. Since it was a scorcher I got the New Orleans iced coffee. It was so devilishly rich and delicious yet refreshing all at the same time. That day I got to drink a little piece of heaven TWICE. That day was a good day.


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  1. I love the vinatge feel of this picture. Good job, Connie!