Friday, November 13, 2009

Some TLC from Alameda - Tyler, Logan, and Chloe

Boys will be boys and girls will be girls. As I stood at the door and rang the doorbell, I could hear voices from behind the door - little high-pitched voices talking really fast, nothing I could comprehend. When their dad Tony opened the door, I saw two quick blurs in the background run toward the backyard. These two blurs would soon be known as Tyler and Logan. In the center of their living room was everything opposite of those boys - a peaceful, tiny, dainty baby girl wrapped in a soft pink blanket wearing a pink Polo tennis dress. Smiling. Sleeping. Meet Chloe. Chloe is an absolute doll, and she was amazingly patient and calm throughout the entire shoot. Her mom and dad were absolutely smitten.

After getting a couple shots of Chloe sleeping in the house, we moved the shoot to a nearby elementary playground. I think Mark was secretly happy he got to join me for this shoot because he hasn't played on a playground in years, and he obviously had been deprived. While taking some photos of Chloe on the grass area I would look over to see if Tyler and Logan were ready for photos and all I could see were THREE blurs now - Tyler, Logan, and Mark all running around, climbing the jungle gym, racing down the slides, swinging on the monkey bars. It was endless. Needless to say, this was a very fun shoot for all of us!

So peaceful...



Blur #1, Tyler


Blur #2, Logan


Look at that lone dimple! So adorable...


Chloe thinks I'm funny :-)


Only Tyler could sit still enough for a photo with Chloe, and I had to pull his teeth to get this photo. It's hard to make a five-year old boy sit with his baby sister when he sees his three-year old brother and Mark playing without him.



I finally got a few decent ones of Logan in the very end. He was the blurriest of them all, and I was so sad because that cute little face is SO photogenic!



  1. OMG!!! Two blurs of cuteness! When I see adorable boys like these two, I want two of my own.. someday. someday a lot later. Really nice intro btw. :) I love the picture of Chloe and her Big Brother Tyler.. so cutes! he's thinking, ahh she's heavy, I want to go play! and Logan's cute little face and his little eyes! awwwwww It's like I know these kids haha. love the pictures sis!

  2. I really enjoyed these photos. Some of my favs so far.. Such an adorable family!! and the one of Chloe laughing just steals my heart! I love reading your blog Connie. Keep up the awesome, blessed work.

  3. great shoot! lots of life in all these little faces :) I was hoping to see a picture of mark though!