Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Micah the little man - Lake Merritt

Micah, Micah, Micah. Spending an afternoon with this kid left me with this one thought - Micah will forever have a special place in my heart. He's that kind of kid. :-) He's got so many tricks and acts up his sleeve that he kept me on my toes the entire three hours we hung out! I watched him race his sister who is twice his size and listen to him tell us how he won when he had actually trailed her by nearly 10 feet. I watched him make friends with complete strangers and tell them he would see them on Facebook. I played tag with him, and when I would get too close to tagging him "it" he would turn around and face me with one hand on his hip, the other hand with his finger pointing at me, "Stop! Be good!" And then dash off laughing hysterically.

Micah was accompanied by his wonderful parents John and Lisa and his beautiful older sister Mazvita. I'm used to showing up to a shoot with the mentality of getting straight to work - fire my shutter a few times, pose the baby, fire more shots, pose again, and so on. Micah was my first full grown toddler, and I thought it would work the same way. OH BOY was I wrong! God bless his mother Lisa for suggesting we have this at an open park and treat it more like a picnic and play date than a photo shoot. I had no idea how fast these little boys are and how long they can play without taking a break. In fact, I can't remember if Micah ever took a break.

Here are some photos from our headshot session. Thank you, John and Lisa, for the opportunity to spend time with your family and especially with Micah. We're now friends as he likes to tell people! :-)


Cool guy sucking his thumb


The beautiful family. Micah would only smile because we said this photo was for his grandparents.

Micah-283 copy


This is his peek-a-boo face. I know, not your typical peek-a-boo, right?


He told me this is the face he makes when he pretends to be sad. WOW, what a trickster.

Micah-182 copy

Sibling love

Micah and Misvita

Mazvita, his beautiful sister


He really liked Mark's sun glasses.



I asked him what he was going to be for Halloween, and he said Bob Marley. Then he struck his Bob Marley pose. I just had to post the comparison - too cute!


Isn't Lake Merritt so beautiful?!



  1. These are a wonderful representation of the fun we had that beautiful sunny Sunday. I'm amazed at how much these pictures speak outloud the energy Mr. Micah has for relating to people, like the photog/BFF Connie, and his sister who he totally adores. Not to mention how he'll do anything for his grandparents! Funny how he chose this day to suck his thumb! while trying to look superfly in Marks shades! Love the soccer shot, family shot, Bob Marley comparison and of course the qunitessential "headshot".
    And yes... Lake Merrit is such a beautiful place!
    Many Many Thanks,
    Micah's mommy - Lisa

  2. These are so great, Connie! That little Micah is so cute!

  3. Wow! Great shots, hon! I should just give my shades to Micah; he looks way better!

  4. I love Micah!! and I don't even know him, haha I love love love his halloween costume. Good job sis! the "pretending to be sad" photo is my favorite!

  5. Hi Connie!
    I hope You, Mark and Colin Bear are all well. I recently went to our family dentist for my dental appointment and the lady at the front desk showed me a print-out of this blog on Micah's photo session that you did! She had been keeping it on Micah's dental file in their office since 2009 when we had shared with her. Micah has fans everywhere!!! He was three years old here and now he is eight and going onto nine in August this year! He has been singing and performing re-enacting the legends Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Lucky Dube from South Africa, Oliver Mtukudzi from Zimbabwe, Earth Wind and Fire the Marley children Ziggy, Stephen, Damian, Kymani, Julian and finally Michael Jackson! Lately he has been doing Michael Jackson singing and dances at school, at family gatherings, and events with the Bay Area Michael Jackson Flashmob! He's also into sports; soccer, basketball and baseball, his dream is to either play in the NBA or MLB! He has got lots of big dreams, he is self motivated and gives 100% in everything he desires to do! Thank You again for capturing these sweet memories of Micah! I remember this photo shoot just like it was yesterday! Many Thanks and Blessings to you and your family!
    John AKA Johnonoh