Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Cydney and Caitlyn

I knew I was going to love this shoot as soon as I walked up the door step to ring the door bell. I could hear little Cydney's voice behind the door saying, "Connie is my best friend." We hadn't even met, yet, and she already decided I would be her best friend. That's the cutest thing I've ever heard! I have a soft spot for these little sisters because I myself have two sisters whom are my bestest friends in the whole world. Sisters have this deep bond that one could only understand if you actually have a sister of your own. We laugh, we fight, we say mean things to each other, yet we have each others' backs when no one else does. Sisters have the most dramatic fights, yet the cold thaws away quickly and once again we laugh and talk as if nothing ever happened.

Cydney and Caitlyn will have years to build sisterly memories of their own. Their mother Christine actually has an identical twin sister and agrees their relationship is inseparable. Spending an afternoon with this family made me really look forward to having a family of my own. They are absolutely beautiful on the inside and the out; their love for their daughters is contagious. You can tell their dad Curtis is a sucker for these girls. Every time he entered the room Caitlyn's eyes lit up as she laughed with excitement, and if he left for a moment he'd return to Cydney's welcoming bear hugs. It's hard not to want children after seeing how happy these parents are.

Curtis and Christine, thank you so much for letting me spending time with you and your beautiful daughters. I came home so happy from this shoot, and it's families like yours that make me love this job even more than I already do.



Cydney said she was going to be my model for the day. Cydney, you were the best model ever!

IMG_8664 copy

How beautiful is Caitlyn?! Wow...


This is Cydney's fake smile. I seriously couldn't stop laughing it's so cute!



I told ya they're a good looking family.


Towards sun set the family and I were off to fly Cydney's kite; she was talking about this the entire afternoon! Here's Daddy helping her out.






She posed this way herself! She was definitely ready to be my model. :-)



Here Cydney said, "Goodbye, Sun. Thanks for coming out today." {heart melting}




  1. I LOVE LOVE the pictures outside! My favorite is the last picture of the family walking and the light is so YUMMY! Omg, I personally think this is your best shoot at the moment. Beautiful work!