Sunday, November 1, 2009

Baby Paige at four months

Life has been busy busy busy with remodeling my blog and working on 100 other things on top of recovering from what my doctor believes was vertigo. I know, vertigo?! Anyway, I have been super excited for a while to post Paige's beautiful baby session from last weekend. Paige was one the most giggly little babies I've photographed - she laughed at all her daddy's goofy faces, her mom's baby talk, and she especially laughed at all of us clapping. Yes, clapping is a new secret weapon to all those new mommies and daddies out there!

I've known Gina for a couple years now since we both work at the same company. When she was pregnant with Paige I don't think there was a time I passed by her where she wasn't smiling. One time I stopped her and told her, "You are glowing! You look so happy." Her eyes smiling and her grin bigger than ever she responded, "I am! I am so excited and happy; it's unbelievable. I can't wait 'til she gets here." It's that kind of whimsical happiness that makes me love this job so much. New parents' undying love for their baby is infectious to everyone around them. Gina and Ben are no different. Their tag team efforts as first-time parents are comical and cute, their laughter with Paige's every giggle is contagious, and their proud faces as Paige discovers her toes for the first time is absolutely endearing.

Gina and Ben, I have not a worry in the world that you two are going to be the best parents this little girl can ever ask for. Thank you for letting me witness some of those moments and freezing them in time.

Paige 3 copy

Rain boots that don't quite fit, yet.

Paige books-1

What gorgeous genes...

Mom and Paige 4 BW

We stuck her in a teeny tiny storage basket with her bunny, and she fit! So cute!

Paige 2a


I absolutely love little girls in pettiskirts!


This one came out a tad too blurry for my taste, but I just had to post it because Paige looks so cute in her bare bum!

naked 2

Paige 1BW

Tummy time! One of the very few I caught her not pouting. :-)

Paige 6 copy

Paige's expression is priceless here.

Family 1

bench 2


"Hi, guys!"


Gum-filled baby smiles are my favorite

Paige 7

front door


  1. I can see why you were excited to post this photoshoot. She's so adorable with her big smile! The shot of her and her mom in B&W is beautful. Love that it's so crisp, direct, and the bokeh is just right! Great job!

  2. omg her eyes in the "tummy time" picture are soo pretty! it's like an ocean crystal! i love it!

  3. Again, you're getting so good! I love the pictures of her in front of the door, like the stork dropped her off. haha and the family picture is perfect.. i love how she looked at the camera like, "mommy and daddy are so happy with me" :)

  4. Beautiful baby and amazing photos! Thanks for sharing. Hans and Valerie