Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I have a new baby... well, not like that

Christmas came early for me this year - Mark and I got the MacBook Pro! Yep, after a few weeks of deliberating our next home computer we decided on the glorious MacBook Pro. I was secretly itching for the iMac, but Mark made the final decision to go with the book because he said it would be more practical to have a mobile office so I don't get so tired of working from home all the time. Awww, that's my Jeopardy genius for ya!

One HUGE purchase down, quite a few more to go. :-) Thanks, Husband, for being so supportive of my work and passion! I hope I'm not deceiving everyone into thinking I married a sugar daddy - I actually picked up an extra day of work to help pay for a lot of these things! Although, a sugar daddy sounds pretty sweet right now.

The only complaint so far is - WHERE ARE ALL THE SHORTCUTS?! I've become so proficient with PCs that working on a Mac has me feeling inadequately inept with technology. No worries, I was born intellectually lazy so I'm determined to find all those shortcuts asap.

Say hello to my new baby:

MacBook pro


  1. YEA!!! OMG...I'm officially jealous. haha Enjoy you new baby!

  2. wow Condo! Are you sure you didn't marry to a Sugar Daddy?