Tuesday, January 26, 2010


What do I do when I'm home sick wishing I were outside with the rest of the world? I look at photo blogs, I follow up on the news, I check out new gadgets I want to buy but cannot afford, I watch Saka sleep and wonder if he's always this lazy when I'm gone, and of course I tinker with my photos. I finally got around to my Seattle photos from last weekend, and here are just a few shots I played with. The colors you see in these photos are LEGIT. I usually mess around with saturation or contrast a tad, but in celebration of Seattle's granola lifestyle I decided to be more organic with this post. The weekend ended up being more of a relaxing, quality-time-with-my-girls weekend than a photography-filled weekend. This indeed was a very much enjoyed weekend.


Green Lake (taken with my point and shoot! Straight out of camera, no editing. Pretty sweet what those lil suckers can do). The rest are with the DSLR.


Post Alley @ Pike's Place where the clam chowder was OFF THE HOOOOK!



The seafood guy hollered, "Take me back to San Francisco with ya!" Um, no thanks. But let me take a picture of your hand. Cool. Thanks.


All the fresh fruit and veggies... YUM!




I want to come back for their tulip festival!


Honey anyone?


"I LOVE HONEY!!" -Judy as she samples them


High contrasty photos...convert them to BW tends to fix the problem. :-)


And finally I was playing around with bracketing so I can then play around with HDR in Photoshop. I tried it in Photomatix, but I just don't see myself doing enough HDR to invest in the software. This is my result. The clouds are kinda neat, but I think I need to invest in a tripod and a better lens to get the image to be more crisp.



  1. nice shots! i heart seattle! :0) these pics bring back memories.haha..

    did you see all the pigs they have around pike place and downtown? i took pics of so many of them..not sure if they're stil around..haha

  2. ahh an update! :)

    it's great to see you mixing it up and just taking some cool scenic/everyday photos! my favorite's the right-side apple picture, and the alley way of clam chowder! the regular p&s photo came out really nice, too. very impressive!

  3. come back for the tulip festival. you can go with my gf who always wants to go. you will get some great pics of it. I'll show you some viewpoints next time too for some great city shots.

  4. dude... these are like magazine shots. muy bien sis

  5. Love the shot with the honey against the blue window. It's complimentary color goodness! Looks like you had fun!