Monday, January 11, 2010

Portrait Swap

I've been meaning to get to these photos for a while. Then the holidays and life got in the way, but alas I've got the photos from the portrait swap I did back in November with my very own wedding photographer Marielle Hayes, her assistant and friend Sarah, and our friend Lynn. It was a great experience getting a bunch of photographers together and learning how to shoot each other and how to best use our environment. It was FREEZING for starters, so the most important lesson I learned was to keep my hands warm and steady! Marielle photographed us for our wedding, so it was pretty awesome having HER behind the lens this time. I'd say she did a mighty fine job. :-)

Looking at my photos from this session, I think I need to upgrade the 50mm f1.8 to the f1.4. There's no excuse. I'm trying to figure out what equipment I need next. Any recommendations?

Here are some from the session. Thank you, ladies, for such a great time!

Lynn, great outfit choice! Our time shopping together was priceless, and next time we're gonna pick some items other than gray and black! =P


This photo came out a tad blurry, but Lynn looks so cute in it I had to post it.


This one's for you, Heink!




Sarah, it was so nice meeting you! You're so easy to get along with that I really hope we get to work together again. Great pick on that rusty truck!



My favorite shot of you. You're so pretty!


This is her "ok enough of me photos. Can I grab my camera??" look.



And finally, Marielle, thanks for this portrait swap idea. It was so much fun, and you're work is such an inspiration to me. Not only are you an amazing photographer, you're an amazing person who's love for her work and for life is transparent to everyone who meets you. Thanks again for being the best wedding photographer a bride can ever ask for!

You're ridiculously gorgeous. Seriously.



Marielle just knows how to rock the poses. It helps she was a runner up for Miss Nevada! I think YOU should have won. C'mon, seriously?



Having fun with the umbrella...





  1. um....hello! Connie! You totally rocked it on this shoot! You are getting better & better with every shoot I see that you post!
    Thank you for the sweet words. You are amazing & I'm so happy to have these wonderful photographs!

  2. Beautiful work Connie! I agree with Marielle that you're getting better and better with every photoshoot! Can't wait to see more!

    Ladies: you guys look awesome!

  3. dude! I love the pictures of Marielle... I don't know if it's her gorgeous-ness, or your skills... both? haha good job sis!